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OpenPOWER: building an open-source software stack from bare metal

Project: OpenPOWER

POWER 8 is the first generation of IBM Power Systems to run on a full stack
of open-source software. Firmware, hypervisor, operating system and
hardware-management tools are all available for audit, review and

Collectively, this software is part of the OpenPOWER project. Some of the
components (like the Linux kernel) will be familiar, but others have been
developed specifically for Power systems.

This talk gives an introduction to OpenPOWER hardware and software, and covers
the technical aspects of the stack - the components involved, what they do, and
how they interact. We'll cover how you can modify, build and run your own
firmware on an OpenPOWER system.

Jeremy Kerr

Jeremy Kerr is a Power platform architect at IBM's Linux Technology
Center. His background is in Linux development (specialising in Linux bringup
on new hardware), and operating systems research.

Jeremy has been hacking on open source software development for over 14
years. As well as the kernel, Jeremy has contributed to a range of other open
source projects, including petitboot (a Linux-based bootloader), K42 (a
research operating system), patchwork (a web-based patch-tracking system) and
nfsim (the netfilter simulation environment).