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Who is Linux Australia

Project: Linux Australia

Linux Australia is the peak body for Open Source communities in Australia. LA represents Australian users and developers of Free Software and Open Technologies, and facilitates internationally-renowned events including linux.conf.au -- Australasia's grassroots Free and Open Source Software Conference.

In addition to running half-a-dozen conferences a year the community works on lobbying to regulatory bodies, helping free software development through sponsorship, granting the community and individuals funds, advocacy for open source and much more.

Despite the organisation's success there are a lot of people who are unfamiliar with the organisation and what they do. In this talk the President, Joshua Hesketh, will cover what the organisation does, how it operates and how to become involved.

We will look at the various teams, subcommittees and individuals that make up the organisation. Going into detail about their roles+responsibilities, the internal processes+tools and the challenges+outcomes of the hard work.

LA is a volunteer organisation made up of a lot of awesome, hard-working, people. In this talk the audience will hopefully get a better insight into the community and be encouraged to become involved themselves.

Joshua Hesketh

Joshua Hesketh is a software developer for Rackspace Australia working on upstream OpenStack. He works from his home in Hobart, Tasmania. Joshua is currently President of Linux Australia, previously the co-chair for PyCon Australia and a key organiser for linux.conf.au. He has an interest in robotics having recently completed a degree in mechatronic engineering. Josh is an active contributor to the openstack-infra and nova projects.