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NoOps with Ansible and Puppet

Project: OpenStack Infra

Four years ago, I started a running my first in-cloud project, and I did it as naively as possible - I used the cloud API to get a machine, and then I ran and administered that machine the same way I've adminned every other machine for the past 20 years. As I started adding machiens, it became clear that now was the time to learn this new fangled puppet stuff.

Puppet turned out to be wonderful for repeatability, but the fine folks who wrote it had some really weird ideas about what sorts of things I wanted their help with and what sorts of things I didn't. For instance, I don't really think that it should take 100 lines of a weird DSL to add a user with an SSH key.

Fast forward to today, and we have a control plane of 76 nodes and an elastic pool that runs around 1000 nodes, but creates and destroys between 10k and 20k machines a day. Ths is currently done using a combination of Ansible, Puppet and custom written management tools, and is run automatically continuously deployed from our master branch with every aspect of the deployment being 100% open and Open Source. That is - any of you can go submit a patch to our git repo and if we land it, it will immediately change the running production system - and that's the only way the system gets changed.

While we'll use our current system as an example case to talk about concretely (since it's open source and all) the main point of this talk will be to talk about how to use modern tools ot admin systems efficiently and without throwing away any of the old Linux knowledge we all have.

Monty Taylor

Monty is a long time Free Software Hacker. He is founder and currently a core team member of the OpenStack Infrastructure program which runs OpenStack's massively scalable dev/test and CI system in a fully Open Source and NoOps manner. You should never let him name projects, because if you do, you'll end up with something like "jeepyb" or "TripleO". Before OpenStack he was a MySQL consultant and a core dev on the Drizzle fork of MySQL. Monty has a degree in Theatre, lights shows in Seattle, Austin and New York, and is an Associate Artist with Seattle's Satori Group. He's also a Distinguished Technologist at HP.