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Project: libav

Ever watched a video on YouTube or Vimeo? Played a file with VLC or MPlayer? Enjoyed multimedia on your Linux desktop?

Of course you did; but did you hear about the libavcodec library before, the engine behind most FOSS and many proprietary multimedia applications and services? Do the names FFmpeg and libav ring a bell, but you wonder what happened since the fork in 2011 and why?

This talk will give an overview of the centerpiece project(s) of FOSS multimedia. Where and in which ways you are using it all the time; how it all started, where it is today, why it took so many flames to get there, how we surmounted all legal obstacles, and whether or not the future will bring total world domination.

Diego Biurrun

Diego would surely have finished his CS degree earlier if it were not for his FOSS enthusiasm. He has worked on FOSS multimedia in the form of MPlayer and FFmpeg (now Libav) for more than a decade, filling roles that included documentation, hacking, server administration, code refactoring, license compliance, and whatever odd jobs happened to be in need of doing.

Over the years mostly system administration paid Diego's bills, but he has high hopes that consulting will replace that in the future. To get away from the keyboard, he likes to engage in all manner of sports, mingle with people, work weekend bar shifts, and shorten his queue of unread books.

Diego was born in Argentina, but grew up and lives in Germany, making him binational as well as bilingual. He has been a fan of the Argentinian football team ever since watching his first world cup alongside his grandma and suffers horribly at their defeats.