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Open-source OpenGL on the Raspberry Pi

Project: Mesa

This talk will describe the state of Mesa and kernel driver development for the Broadcom VC4 graphics chipset present in the Raspberry Pi.

The specs for this chipset were released in February, and I started development on the driver in June. It's a GLES2-only part, which is significantly simpler than most of the hardware that Mesa supports, but that also brings its own challenges for building a complete Linux desktop experience, since it doesn't support some of the primitives, texture formats, and shader instructions we've always had available. In addition, the hardware sits directly on main memory without an MMU in between, so command and shader validation is required in order to prevent privilege escalation. I'll discuss these and other challenges faced and the workarounds I've found.

Eric Anholt

Eric Anholt is a Mesa and Linux kernel developer. He spent 8 years working on the Intel integrated graphics drivers, and is now excited to be working on the Raspberry Pi for Broadcom.