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Flying with Linux

Project: ArduPilot

The port of ArduPIlot to Linux is now flying, bringing us one step closer to Linux dominating the world of small UAVs.
Last year I presented a plan to port ArduPilot to the BeagleBoneBlack board by building a new "PXF" cape that gives the BBB a wide range of high quality sensors. That cape has now been built, and an ArduPilot port has been done. Linux on the BBB can now fly/drive a wide range of vehicles.
In this talk I will describe the architecture of the BBB port of ArduPilot, including how the PRU co-processors are used, how we interface to SPI and I2C devices and the development tools we have developed to make life a bit easier for those wanting to work on Linux based autopilots.
I will also give an update on the CanberraUAV 2014 Outback Challenge entry, and on some other current efforts to bring autopilots to more Linux based boards.

Andrew Tridgell

Andrew is a Linux addict who has become obsessed with autopilots. When not coding he is testing (and sometimes crashing!) search and rescue aircraft in an attempt to bring affordable search and rescue UAVs to the world.