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Tunnels and Bridges: A drive through OpenStack Networking

Project: OpenStack Networking (Neutron)

OpenStack Networking (Neutron) provides a rich set of logical constructs to develop a full featured virtual network deployment. In this talk, we will tour a basic Neutron setup and then examine how the features and capabilities provided by Linux and other open software support each of the components. We will close with look back on the new features in Juno and a look ahead to the next release.

Mark McClain

Mark McClain is the Chief Technical Officer at Akanda Inc, member of the OpenStack Technical Committee, and is a core reviewer of the the OpenStack Networking Project. He served as the Technical Lead for Neutron during the Havana and Icehouse cycles. Previous of Yahoo! and DreamHost, Mark has 14 years of software development experience. OpenStack Networking combines two of his favorite interests: networking and Python.