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Developer, Testing, Release and Continuous Integration Automation

This miniconf is all about improving the way we produce, collaborate, test and release software.

We want to cover tools and techniques to improve the way we work together to produce higher quality software:

- code review tools and techniques (e.g. gerrit)
- continuous integration tools (e.g. jenkins)
- CI techniques (e.g. gated trunk, zuul)
- testing tools and techniques (e.g. subunit, fuzz testing tools)
- release tools and techniques: daily builds, interacting with distributions, ensuring you test the software that you ship.
- applying CI in your workplace/project

Stewart Smith

Stewart currently works for IBM in the Linux Technology Center on OpenPower firmware, KVM on POWER and MySQL on POWER, giving him a job that is even harder to explain to non-Linux geek people than ever before. Previously he worked for Percona as Director of Server Development where he oversaw development of many of Percona’s software products. He comes from many years experience in databases and free and open source software development. He’s often found hacking on the Drizzle database server, taking photos, running, brewing beer and cycling (yes, all at the same time).