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Drupal8 outta the box

Project: Drupal
Wiki Page: Drupal8 outta the box

NOTE: This was an interactive hands on session. As such, the video makes no sense after the fact. Apologies for disappointing you if you hoped to catch up here - but it really was a Do it! Don't view it kind of thing.


Drupal 8 is coming.

This tutorial will give you hands on experience with the newest version of Drupal. If you haven't had a look for a while, now is the time to revisit the drupalverse.

We will build a website from scratch and learn how to participate in one of the open source world's largest communities.

Note: To participate in this session you will need a laptop!
Be sure to check out the wiki for more of an outline on what we'll be covering. linux.conf.au/wiki/Tutorials/Drupal8_outta_the_box

Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin has a collection of brightly coloured open source hats.

She currently chairs the Drupal community working group, sits on the board of the Drupal Association, and works as community engagement director with PreviousNext. She's also been an advisor to councils of Linux Australia, and was conference director for LCA2008 in Melbourne. Donna has also served as President of Linux Users of Victoria, and as a Director of Open Source Industry Australia.