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FireFoxOS and the Linux Kernel

Project: FireFoxOS

FireFoxOS has entered the stage of Mobile Operating Systems and it has started to have an impact. Whilst FireFoxOS is built on components of Android it has a unique and layered architecture. But what makes it different from other mobile phone platforms and how is it using the Linux Kernel? This talk aims to explain the architecture with a strong focus on GONK (Linux Kernel) that is the HAL component of the technology stack for the platform. This is a technical talk and will aim to dive deep into how information etc is passed between layers, Bootstrapping, init and userspace processes. I will also briefly cover how to contribute to the project and where our code bases live.

There will also be some demo developer and user FireFoxOS phones to view at the talk.

What this talk is not?
This is not a talk about how to develop for FireFoxOS, or how to use the device as an end user. This talk will not cover how you can roll your own FireFoxOS build. There are many talks and resources available on the internet that cover the aforementioned areas.

What this talk is?
This talk is about the archittecual layers of FireFoxOS and is aimed at technologists who wish to understand how the project is utilsiing the Linux Kernel. The talk will cover all three layers of the architecture and how they interact and what data/inputs are passed between them.

Who it is for?
This talk is aimed at all levels of development although it dives down into how the Linux Kernel is utilised in FireFoxOS you do not need to be a Linux Kernel developer to understand the concepts that this talk will cover.

This talk can be attended by anyone who is an OpenSource mobile enthusiast and wants to understand more about the FireFoxOS platform offered by Mozilla.

Aimee Maree Forsstrom

Aimee has been working in IT since 2000, and has a focus on mobile and web technologies. She has contributed and worked on the OLPC project, Meego, FireFoxOS and on the webside of things Drupal, Joomla, PHPBB, WordPress. Recently she has started playing with Yocto and rolling your own embedded Linux Distros. Her work in Open Source mobile devices saw her join the FireFoxOS Mobile Support team in Mozilla Portland office to assist with reporting technologies.

A world wide public speaker having presented in England, Scotland and Australia this year she added America onto her list with LinuxCon America in Chicago. She regularly helps mentor kids in programming in Australia, England and recently at OSCON in Portland training kids in Python.

An all over uber geek with a deep love of Open Source technologies and how companies and individuals can benefit from not re-inventing the wheel.

Loves having long deep discussions about anything Linux and the history of Open Source and how it will eventually save us from the old paradigms of legacy code and forced silos... Will speak 733t for beers...