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Making build systems not suck

Project: Meson

It is easy to find people who will profess their love for their code editor, compiler, desktop environment or even their command line shell. It is almost impossible to find someone who truly loves their build system. The reasons for this are simple: build systems are generally perceived to be obtuse, needlessly complicated, slow or unreliable. The Meson build system was created from scratch with one simple goal in mind: every second spent writing build definitions is a second wasted. Meson tries to solve this problem by reliably providing all features required for modern software development with the least amount of effort. This presentation will show an overview of the ways in which developers can spend more time developing their software and less time babysitting their build configuration.

Jussi Pakkanen

Jussi Pakkanen got his doctoral degree in computer science in 2006. Since then he has worked in various problem fields including autonomous robot communication and mail sorting. He is currently employed by Canonical where he has worked on various parts of Ubuntu desktop and phone. In his free time he dabbles with drawing, creating computer games, photography and whatever else might catch his fancy. He is also known as the inventor and main organizer of the Grand C++ Error Explosion Competition.