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Government as an API: open {data|source|standards}

Project: data.gov.au, Gov 2.0

Government as an API is about being able to create services and information that span departments, jurisdictions and the world. Pia will speak about how the opening up of data, systems and software make it easier for citizens, industry and indeed, governments to aggregate services and information to better serve the needs of society. It means governments don't need to try to be everything to everyone, but rather can provide the digital building blocks for a more cooperative and collaborative approach to tackling the challenges and opportunities of our time. Governments, in short, have a lot to learn from the Open Source community.

Pia Waugh

Pia is an open data, open source and open culture ninja. She has worked in industry, community organisations, government and spends her time, as does any good sysdamin, trying to figure out all the moving parts around her and how to tweak the config files.