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Systems Administration

Project: http://sysadmin.miniconf.org/

The Systems Administration Miniconf focuses on professional management of real-world Linux environments, both large and small. The Miniconf aims to include a diverse range of tools and techniques that will help keep your entire environment functioning smoothly, and accomplish more with less effort. An important goal is to provide talks directly useful to professional Linux administrators.

More information, including presentation slides and recordings from previous years, are available at the Miniconf website: http://sysadmin.miniconf.org/

Ewen McNeill

Ewen works as a consulting sysadmin, network admin and developer -- and increasingly finds these are all merging into different specialities of programming, with the increase in configuration management automation and Software Defined Networks. Ewen has been involved directly and indirectly with production operations since the early 1990s, mostly in Internet-related networks and organisations. He has been attending Linux.Conf.Au every year since 2004.

Simon Lyall and Ewen McNeill have run the Sysadmin Miniconf at eight previous Linux.Conf.Au (2006, 2008-2014).