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Deploying to the cloud with golden images, Heat and Docker

Project: OpenStack Heat

Image based deployment of cloud applications is becoming a reality thanks to the growing popularity of Docker. However image based deployments bring new challenges when it comes to orchestrating and managing the life-cycle of complex container based applications.

Heat is an orchestration service that can be offered by an OpenStack cloud. This presentation will demonstrate how Heat is an ideal solution to orchestrate image based applications, whether they are packaged as Docker images or full golden images.

Image building tools such as diskimage-builder will also be presented, along with options for how to manage images in the OpenStack or Docker registries.

This presentation is focused on Heat, but is aimed at anyone who deploys applications to the cloud, whether or not they currently use Heat, OpenStack or Docker.

Steve Baker

Steve is a Red Hat engineer who has been developing Heat within the OpenStack project for 2 years. When he is not coding or brewing in his shed, he is often mountain biking or chasing his dog through the Wellington hills.